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Healthcare IT Security Best Practices

6 tips written by every-day experienced experts

Security attacks in healthcare have been increasing year after year and continues to be a top issue. With the technical innovations of today, more devices are on an organization's network causing more of a potential for an attack.

Anything on your organization's network can be vulnerable, even your cell phone. We want you to get the most out of your security efforts, so we're arming you with 6 of our top health IT security tips. 

In this guide, you will dive deeper into these 6 tips:

  • Assess what is best when it comes to what your organization's IT needs are 
  • layer your security because one tool is just not "good enough"
  • Be proactive with IT security so you stay up-to-date on program updates, password changes and any new security threats 
  • Don't overboard your security because too many security tools can cause network issues
  • Encrypt all moblie devices so you're not exposed if EPHI theft occurs
  • Properly educate your organization's employees on the importance of security 

Healthcare IT security can be an exhausting topic but the key is not to get overwhelmed. Check out our IT security best practices for healthcare to get you on the right track to better and stronger security.

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