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A common mistake in healthcare today is to see projects involving IT as primarily technology projects or IT projects, instead of viewing them as organizational projects that have an IT component. 

ICE’s Project Management Methodology is divided into four phases (Start Up, Planning, Execution, and Close Down), giving you the peace of mind your investment is effectively and efficiently implemented. We will bridge the gap between vendors and your organization, diligently managing the scope, budget and schedule of your project.

  • circe-chat-lgExpert Leadership People who have been there and done that.
  • circle-flag-lgTools &Templates That improve communication and accountability throughout.
  • circle-lightbulb-lgGovernance Structure Team development models proven for small to mid-size healthcare.
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Blog:Effective Healthcare IT Project Management

For your objectives to be met, you and your project manager will need to take the following six steps.


One of the smartest things we did when we decided to switch systems was to engage ICE Technologies. Our staff was a big part of this implementation and we did our preparation, but we had a narrow window when we decided to get this going to meet our attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICE has played a very important role in keeping that timeline.

Chuck Schulz | CEO York, NE

Why IT Projects Fail

Too Compliance Focused, Workflow Interruptions, and Lack of Project Management!




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