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Even with an exceptional internal technology staff, it can be difficult to go it alone. For organizations that need help in additional verticals, ICE Technologies can provide the perfect outside perspective. By working together with your team, you'll get a technology function that is unmatched.

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Our Services

Below are just a few of the services that ICE Technologies can provide your organization:

Our backup solutions aren’t “one-and-done” procedures. We rely on industry best practices to continually replicate your data and critical systems. ICE can: 

  • Maintain local backup and cloud replication routines in backup and recovery
  • Proactively monitor backup logs and correct issues
  • Periodically perform backup application software updates to maintain currency and security
  • Perform file restore testing and disaster recovery simulations to validate data and systems recoverability

With advanced security services from ICE Technologies, we can ensure your network, systems, and data meet the highest standard of protection.

  • Breach Prevention Platform:  We can provide continuous dark-web monitoring, simulated phishing campaigns, weekly training videos and more.
  • Security Compliance Services:  We'll help you establish and manage policies to keep your organization in-check with industry security standards.
  • Threat Detection & Prevention: ICE has solutions and services that provide routine scans and instant alerting to expose and quickly mitigate security vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Security Cameras:  For organizations that need site-surveillance, we can equip you with always-on security cameras and monitoring tools.

Sometimes getting an outside perspective can make all the difference. We offer IT function assessments, vulnerability scans and more to ensure your technology function is performing at its best.

The key to reliable and secure technology is preventing issues in the first place. At ICE, we can help manage your systems by completing regular checklists, updates, and patches.

ICE Technologies can securely host the applications, servers, and systems that your team uses every day in our local data-center or in the cloud.

Remote support from ICE Technologies goes above-and-beyond reactive troubleshooting. Our team of engineers are some of the most highly-qualified and professional experts in the business, capable of delivering:

  • 24x7 technical support and coverage
  • Seamless cooperative-support platform
  • Advanced ticketing tools and functionality
  • Formal prioritization and escalation protocols
  • Service targets, reporting, and documentation

If you need help selecting and securing the hardware and software that your organization needs, ICE Technologies can ensure you get the right products at the best possible price.

Many technology providers offer vCIO services that are just thinly-veiled salespeople. But at ICE, our experts provide practical strategies and recommendations to optimize your technology function. We can offer:

  • Project oversight and steering-team facilitation
  • Technology vendor and licensing management
  • Budgeting assistance and purchase consulting
  • Local staff mentoring and professional development
  • Creation and management of a comprehensive IT plan
  • Risk management and security assessments

Our technology professionals aim to provide you with the best experience and results you’ll get from anyone in the industry. But everyone will tell you that. So what makes ICE professionals so great?

  • We keep and maintain consistent documentation and leverage it to your organization’s advantage.
  • You get preferred access to your assigned professional(s), even when it isn’t their “day on site”.
  • If you have an assigned ICE resource but require additional expertise, we leverage our team to provide skillsets for specific projects and needs.
  • We have some of the best engineers in the industry who make sure solutions are designed in practical ways that are affordable.
  • We'll help train your team by sharing our knowledge and industry best-practices.

For organizations looking to modernize their phone systems, ICE Technologies can get you up on running on a solution that leverages Cloud technology to create robust capabilities and terrific work-from-anywhere flexibility.

We have the experience, tools, technology, and methods to help your business with a variety of projects — all while maintaining documentation and providing knowledge transfer. We can help with:

  • Virtualization improvements
  • Server migration projects
  • Network infrastructure upgrades
  • Complex LAN/WAN services

Here's how it works:

I can depend on the entire ICE team because they have the right answers, they stop to help me in any emergency, and they go above and beyond expectations.

Mandy Greve, IT Manager

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