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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Why This IT Director Is A Believer In Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Oct 5, 2016 12:00:00 PM Posted by Karlie Van Soelen | Marketing

BoxButte_hospital.jpgBox Butte General Hospital (BBGH) is a 25-bed critical access hospital located in Alliance, Nebraska. BBGH started a building expansion project that would require replacing the entire network. Rather than relying on in-house staff to handle every element of the project, BBGH’s IT director, Mandy Greve, worked with ICE Technologies to execute the project.

Working with ICE allowed Greve to stay focused on her broader responsibilities including delivering IT leadership for the hospital. “I can depend on the entire ICE team because they have all of the right answers, they stop to help me in any emergency, and they go above and beyond expectations,” said Greve. “As an IT Manager, I need [to maintain] general expertise on all areas of IT, but I don’t have time to be an expert on everything.”

ICE collaborated with Greve on her project with planning and implementation expertise including conducting a wireless site survey, designing the new network, installing switches and fiber uplinks, moving to new VDI servers and enhancing security.

How Partial Healthcare IT Outsourcing Helps

By leveraging partial healthcare IT outsourcing and technical services, BBGH was able to minimize downtime during the building project and improve outcomes. With ICE’s experts as partners, the in-house IT director was better positioned to make good IT choices for the hospital.

Using ICE’s Healthcare Grade Network™ model as a template, not only was BBGH able to expand their network, but they also greatly improved the clinical users’ experience. Logging in and finding a patient used to take 30-40 seconds, but now it takes only 5-10 seconds. Documents that wouldn’t load before are now easy to retrieve and use. The EMR system is running faster, has room to grow and Greve is able to effectively manage it all.

“I can focus on managing the many projects and leading my team while getting the expertise for these things from folks who help hospitals like us every day,” said Greve.

Phil Stravers, Partner, VP Strategy & Service Development commented, “Mandy Greve is a great example of an IT Director that is doing things right in the rural and community healthcare setting and we are proud to be considered an extension of her team.”


About Box Butte General Hospital: BBGH is a 25-bed county owned, CAH hospital located in Alliance, NE, a railroad town of around 9,000 in population. They’ve recently completed a 40M expansion to the hospital. BBGH owns 3 clinics, 2 are remote, 1 located 60 miles from Alliance. There is also a clinic attached to the hospital, with hospital provider specialties in ortho, spine surgery, OB-gyn, urologists, hysterectomies, ear/nose/throat, total hip and total knees surgery.

Karlie Van Soelen | Marketing

Karlie provides support for sales and marketing at ICE Technologies, assisting with event coordination, graphic design, content, marketing campaigns, and more.