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Webinar: How To Prepare and Respond to an IT Security Attack

Sep 28, 2016 12:00:00 PM Posted by Jim Tufts | Leadership Solutions Team Lead

end-user-security.pngA new headline appears nearly every day regarding a healthcare organization facing a security breach or ransomware attack. It’s clear that it is time for healthcare organizations to raise the bar when it comes to security. 

There is so much to lose when becoming a victim of a data breach or ransomware attack and healthcare organizations have become a growing target for these attacks. According to a HealthcareITNews.com article, 75 percent of surveyed healthcare organizations reported they have been targeted for a ransomware attack and 50 percent say they have no way of knowing if they can effectively identify such attacks.

Having an IT security plan in place is a must for all healthcare organizations. But how do you properly prepare for and respond to an IT security attack? In an up-coming webinar, we are partnering with HospitalPortal.net to discuss the answer to that question. At this webinar, Jim Tufts, leadership solutions team lead at ICE Technologies will be presenting alongside Anne La Francis, director of sales and marketing for HospitalPortal.net, in the webinar “How To: Prepare for and Respond to a Ransomware Attack.” 

This webinar will touch on the topics of:

  • what exactly makes a complete ransomware attack plan
  • how to prepare for threats
  • how to effectively respond
  • real life examples
  • a look at what a strong IT security framework should look like

Today, threats are coming in from different fronts, whether it’s through phishing emails or applications vulnerabilities. So understanding what a threat looks like can help stop an attack before it has started. Once threats are understood, preparing a strong security framework will help in case of a breach.

In the unfortunate event that your security is breached, knowing how to properly respond, as well as having a back-up plan in place, can help your organization bounce back quickly and effectively. It’s important to thoroughly prepare and plan so you aren’t caught off guard by an attack.

The need for IT security in healthcare is not going away. Preparing a plan for an attack as well as creating a response if attacked is a necessity.   

Find out more on how to prepare and respond to an IT security attack during the October 5 webinar. Click here to register! Registration costs $95 per registration.

Wanting more information on how to protect your organization from a security attack? Contact us and we’ll talk.


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Jim Tufts | Leadership Solutions Team Lead

Jim, along with the Leadership Solutions team, leads, guides healthcare providers, in user education, consulting, process improvement, disaster recovery planning, strategic IT planning and more. Jim is the author of the whitepaper, “Guide to the HIPAA Security Rule,” and is often found in healthcare association meetings, national conferences, or in a healthcare board room educating on protecting electronic patient health information.