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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Un-Complicating Healthcare IT: DIY Disaster

Dec 8, 2016 12:00:00 PM Posted by Karlie Van Soelen | Marketing

A lot has happened in healthcare over the last few years with technical innovations coming one after the other. Technology has now fully integrated itself within healthcare, becoming a day-to-day normality among providers.

For example, in 2009 only 16 percent of U.S. hospitals were using EHRs, according to Becker’s Healthcare. Now, more than 80 percent of all hospitals are using EHRs. Also, according to an Advisory Board survey, today 84 percent of providers use smart phones, 58 percent of hospitals are using mobile-optimized patient portals and 79 percent of U.S. health systems have WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks).

There has been an exponential increase in healthcare technology as well as an increase in its complexity. This means, not only do you have way more to manage, but, the possibility of doing it wrong and costing the organization huge piles of cash and credibility is a real threat. A healthcare IT Director is faced with the daunting task of ensuring that IT is running smoothly all while trying to stay up to date on the latest updates, programs and regulatory changes. Sometimes this can be too much to juggle.

Don’t Let Your DIY Turn Into a Fail

Most community healthcare IT departments are already on a tight budget to begin with, so when it’s time for a project or an update the thought of “why call someone when you can do it yourself for less?” most likely comes up. There are ups and downs when it comes to a ‘DIY’ project. At face value, it may seem that doing it yourself can save you and your organization money. Often though, you end up having to spend more time and money than originally planned, and your project could turn out like a Pinterest “Nailed It!” meme.

With IT Directors and departments already having a lot to juggle, a DIY project can add more time onto an already tight schedule. You want to make sure your project is done correctly the first time and within an appropriate amount of time. No one likes to put everything on hold to do a project because everything else doesn’t stop. Unfortunately a good amount of DIY projects don’t always turn out as intended, leaving you where you started, possibly with a bigger mess and some wasted time. DIY projects can be a great thing to take on, however, you need to evaluate if the time you are spending on that project would be better spent somewhere else.

By working with you and your team, we can help save you time so you can focus on what needs to be focused on instead of worrying about a project. We offer leadership solutions as well as a technical architect service to help in moments like these. Our leadership solutions team is packed with experts in the world of healthcare IT that are there to lend a helping hand to your organization. Whether it’s helping with project planning and management or providing vertical technical expertise or vertical clinical and financial workflow improvement, we stand ready to make your project successful AND cost effective. 

Mandy Greve, IT director at Box Butte General Hospital, is an example of how this service works. “I can focus on managing the many projects and leading my team while getting the expertise for these things from folks who help hospitals like us every day,” said Greve.

Our team is ready to help in any way that we can. We understand the pressure that IT Directors are under and what to do to relieve that pressure. We also know the financial importance of staying within budget and on time. We don’t create an endless cycle of elation and disappointment, but instead create effective, practical healthcare IT that aligns with your business goals. We want to enhance your existing systems while working with your venders to get the most out of your investment. Don’t let DIY turn into a disaster; let us help you save time and money.


Karlie Van Soelen | Marketing

Karlie provides support for sales and marketing at ICE Technologies, assisting with event coordination, graphic design, content, marketing campaigns, and more.