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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Why I partnered with ICE Technologies to better IT in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Apr 27, 2017 11:30:00 AM Posted by Roy Georgia | Partner, Ambulatory Surgery Centers

I've spent most of my working career in this healthcare niche we call ASCs - Ambulatory Surgery Centers for those not in the space. I got my start in the mid-90s working for a physician who co-owned and managed a handful of surgery centers in Oklahoma and Texas. It was here that I first started to develop a passion for technology and more importantly, an understanding of what "IT" could do to help run a healthcare business. I became the go-to-guy (ummm....kid at age 22) that knew how to fix someone's computer, work a spreadsheet and build a website. During this time, I learned a lot about healthcare and the ASC business too. I learned the basics of physician partnerships, managed care, patient care, revenue cycle, finance and accounting, human resource management, etc.

Never could I have imagined that 20 years later I would reflect back on a journey in this space that included building the ASC market's first business intelligence software company and a stint running technology for one of the industry's most respected national surgery center chains. Throughout this time though, there has been one constant I've seen with "IT". People working in this space (Clinicians, Physicians, Business Office Staff, Administrators, etc.) are still struggling with getting the basics of IT to just work right for them. A lot of this is based on the pace of change with technology, some is based on things not being set-up right on the front-end. Today's solutions become tomorrow's legacy technologies. Applications get better and new ones come out, computers and networks get faster, the "cloud" comes along, systems get hacked, government rules for IT start to apply - one just can't keep up, let alone people working in an ASC whose sole focus to deliver great patient care!

ASCA17-IT-consulting-844675-edited.pngI came across ICE Technologies a few years ago. I worked with them on various projects over the past year and saw that they were truly an expert in healthcare technology - not a tech generalist or a specialist in one area like hardware or networking, but an expert in end-to-end healthcare technology. For over 20 years ICE Technologies has delivered solutions that work for healthcare providers in the critical access, community and rural hospital space. They understand the role technology plays in delivering great patient care and running a business. I know the ASC technology space inside and out. Together we are going to work to ensure IT in ASCs is reliable, cost effective, and most importantly aligned with delivering great patient care and running a business. We hope you will want to learn more about the journey we are on. Come visit me in booth #110 at ASCA 2017 next week in Washington, DC. I'd love to reconnect. 

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Roy Georgia | Partner, Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Roy Georgia has spent over twenty years in the healthcare industry with a specific focus on delivering high value, facility-centric technology solutions to Ambulatory Surgery Centers.In the mid-nineties, Roy began his career working for a physician-owned ASC management company. This experience provided him a foundation for understanding what’s possible with technology and how it plays a foundational role in helping a surgery center provide patient care and get paid for their services. In 2002, Roy founded the ASC industry’s first business intelligence software company, MEDIBIS. Over the next six years he built it into a leading analytics platform used by hundreds of outpatient surgery centers across the country. After selling the company in 2008, Roy led the enterprise technology strategy for the acquiring company which included an ASC focused service portfolio of analytics, transcription, medical coding and outsourced billing services. In 2013, Roy joined Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) as the Chief Information Officer responsible for all areas of technology supporting approximately two hundred facilities. During his three years at SCA, Roy honed his technology management skills while broadening his expertise to include IT compliance, security, and governance required for running IT at a billion dollar, publicly traded surgery center company. The combined experience of ICE Technologies and Roy’s tenured career in the ASC market, uniquely positions the company to become the surgery center industry’s premier IT service provider. Roy resides in Oklahoma City with his wife and two children.