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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Iowa Critical Access Hospital IT Success Story

Sep 21, 2016 12:00:00 PM Posted by Craig Sumrall | Systems Engineer

Although I am a team member of ICE Technologies, I am welcomed each day as a part of the Ringgold County Hospital family as their IT Director/Champion of Technology through our outsourced IT agreement.

Improving Patient Care

Ringgold has a constant desire of improving patient care above all other goals. That has allowed them to be a successful, critical-access hospital in a small rural community. My favorite thing about working with the Ringgold team is the family-like atmosphere. It is like working at an extended family reunion every day. People greet you and care for you like you have been a part of the community forever.

Hospital Technology Improvements

The technology improvements that Ringgold has made are numerous: constant upgrades, getting their software and hardware on a scheduled lifecycle, thorough documentation and cross-team collaborations. We’ve recently implemented secure texting and Next Gen security appliances at Ringgold to allow providers to give better patient care.

A Critical Access Hospital That's Thriving

The level of commitment and determination given by the staff and providers, combined with the capabilities of the technology services ICE provides, makes for a winning combination and the patients are the winners. We are a 21st century facility with the face-to-face type of care you’d find in the 1950s. Ringgold is a gold standard in my opinion.

Interested in seeing value from your IT investments like Ringgold has?