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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Infographic: Value-Based Reimbursement Timeline

Jun 22, 2016 12:20:00 PM Posted by Jim Tufts | Leadership Solutions Team Lead

Value-based care isn’t about providing the same care at a lower cost. It’s about improving the outcomes of care while decreasing costs. In this model, hospitals are paid not for how much they do, but rather how well they care for patients. Explore the milestones of the value-based reimbursement timeline, and find out what the future holds for improved patient care.


Our Health IT Consultants are helping community healthcare organizations navigate the changes in payment and reimbursement models. If you're looking for guidance, a good place to start would be to watch the recording of my presentation, "Value-Based Reimbursement: Preparing For The Paradigm Shift."  

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Jim Tufts | Leadership Solutions Team Lead

Jim, along with the Leadership Solutions team, leads, guides healthcare providers, in user education, consulting, process improvement, disaster recovery planning, strategic IT planning and more. Jim is the author of the whitepaper, “Guide to the HIPAA Security Rule,” and is often found in healthcare association meetings, national conferences, or in a healthcare board room educating on protecting electronic patient health information.