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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Health IT Datacenter Forecast = "Mostly Cloudy"

Feb 28, 2017 9:21:16 AM Posted by Phil Stravers | Partner, V.P. Strategy & Development

Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing some "Knowledge Sharing" from the ICE Technologies team who attended HIMSS17 (along with over 40,000 HIT folks!) in Orlando. We'll cover topics including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, interoperability, EHR utilization, and others. 


One thing that became abundantly clear to me at the HIMSS17 conference is that cloud computing is reaching mass scale in healthcare. In my time this year walking the show floor, talking with peers in the business and in session after session, it became apparent that cloud computing was no longer being viewed as something you should expect to plan for; it has moved to the place of assumed platform.

Now, I will say, cloud takes on many different meanings and some vendors take a rather loose definition of cloud technology (NIST does a good job providing clarity here if you are interested), but the applications are changing and your healthcare IT operation needs to change with them. The clear point is, the days of investing a great deal of time, money and space to maintain an on premise datacenter at each individual facility are over.

We are no longer talking about cloud computing in terms of it being the wave of the future; it is the wave that has already reached shore.

However, as I mentioned before, there are a number of different definitions and approaches. Managing your presence on the cloud is the new skill and discipline that matters, so if you have questions about how to approach the cloud in your organization, give us a call.  


Phil Stravers | Partner, V.P. Strategy & Development

Phil Stravers, Partner and EVP of Strategy & Market Development at ICE Technologies, Inc. has been in consulting and management roles within the information technology industry for over 25 years and has spent more than 20 years helping hospitals and clinics “make IT work better”. Phil has had the opportunity to act as an Interim CIO for numerous hospitals which gives him a unique perspective on their challenges and associated solutions. Phil really enjoys sharing lessons learned and frequently presents at various hospital associations, HIMSS events and healthcare board rooms all over the country. In addition to his passion for improving Health IT, he loves baseball (die hard Cubs fan) and has spent more than 15 years coaching young baseball players. Phil lives in Pella, IA and often shares concepts learned from his background in coaching along with the Dutch farm culture and work ethic that his home town is known for.