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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

A Message For Healthcare IT Directors

Aug 24, 2016 11:30:00 AM Posted by Keith Van Donselaar | Partner, President


 This message is for the IT Directors out there. You have one of the toughest jobs as the leader of the Information Technology Department of your rural, community or critical access hospital or surgery center. The things that you are dealing with today are really unprecedented in my 25 plus year career in IT. Today we are seeing ransomware, viruses and threats to your systems like we’ve never seen before.

We’ve just come through a time where we as an industry have implemented a tremendous amount of software that was really not ready for the clinical workflow requirements of a hospital. You combine all of that with the fact that you’re trying to lead an IT department in an organization that may be the largest employer in your community. It’s really difficult to recruit IT talent in urban areas, let alone in a community with fewer than 25 thousand people. 

It’s this IT Director that has to figure out how to be successful with technology and with all of those sorts of challenges. Our services and what we have been built for since January of 1990, is to bring to that IT Director a menu, a suite of services if you will, that are specifically designed to address those issues and fill in the gaps to make sure that you are running a world class organization.

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Keith Van Donselaar | Partner, President

Keith takes pride and joy in ICE being a company that measures success by the results clients receive. Keith has been with ICE since 2002, leading the company into application services, managed services, IT outsourcing and data center services. He enjoys seeing small to mid-size healthcare providers succeed with IT, ultimately leading to business intelligence and success.