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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Effective Healthcare IT Project Management

Jul 12, 2016 10:30:00 AM Posted by Darci Axmear | Project Management

When you turn your projects over to a manager or task someone on your team with the responsibility, you want to ensure that projects are implemented effectively. What does a well-executed project look like?

It stays on time, on scope and on budget. 

To make that happen, your organization should have an established process for rolling out projects. For your objectives to be met, you and your project manager will need to take the following six steps.

  1. Define the team. Who will be working under the project manager, and what will their responsibilities be? What is the hierarchy for this project’s workflow?
  2. Define the scope. What goals must be met for this to be a successfully executed and implemented project? Your project manager has a high-level view of the scope of a project and the ability to assess whether daily actions are aligned with that scope.
  3. Define the timeline. When should the organization expect the project to be complete? Are there different phases of the project that will be completed in sequence? One of the biggest challenges your project manager faces is keeping implementation on schedule.
  4. Conduct a project kick-off meeting. The project manager is responsible for communicating assignments, the scope of work and the timeline you’ve established for your team.
  5. Assess weekly feedback. Team members should update the project manager on the progress of their various assignments to ensure everything is on time and on budget.
  6. Hold the team accountable. The project manager will meet with everyone participating in project implementation to address areas that need improvement, remove roadblocks to progress and keep the project on track.

Effective project managers know how to achieve the goals set by the organization while making your life easier. When you have a project manager to take certain efforts off your plate, it not only benefits your personal workload and performance, but also ensures that projects are implemented successfully.

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Darci Axmear | Project Management

Darci manages and leads projects of all varieties for healthcare providers. From EHR implementations and upgrades to regulatory requirement projects and more, Darci is a thorough and resourceful leader who motivates all stakeholders to have on-time, on-budget project results.