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We're the healthcare IT experts.


You will be hard pressed to find another company with as many hospital, clinic and surgery center references as ICE.

Some other industries we work with:
Banking & Finance

Working in banking and other highly secure and regulated industries is an area of particular strength.

Professional Services

ICE can help you use IT strategically as a tool to provide excellent service to your clients.

"ICE Technologies is like an extension of our own IT department. Financially there was no way we could recreate the experience and resources ICE brought to the table."

Gary Smith

IT Manager

"What spoke volumes to us was ICE's experience. We could go out and try to do things ourselves, but with the complexity of IT, ICE’s knowledge and experience are irreplaceable."

Michael Howard


"Since contracting ICE, our systems have been working smoothly and any issues that have arisen have been taken care of promptly, before major problems arise."

Jim Henkenius


"ICE Technologies has been a great partner for us. We've used ICE multiple times for project management, software selection, and technical resources, and we will continue to use them in the future."

Jerry Tiedt

Director of IT

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