Waverly Health Center

Trades Legacy Systems For Strategic, Valuable IT


When Waverly Health Center (WHC) decided to modernize its facilities and provide even better, state-of-the-art care, the need for a strategic, value-driven approach to IT became clear. A legacy healthcare IT system caused downtime, interrupted workflow and led to user frustration. Additionally, WHC needed to acquire new systems as cost-effectively as possible. WHC worked with ICE Technologies to create a plan for hospital IT success, make systems more effective and build valuable vendor relationships. 

  1. point-1 $1.5MM in savings resulting from vendor negotiations
  2. point-2 Successful go-live with immediate efficiency gains
  3. point-3 Increased staff satisfaction and productivity 

IT Following Service

Located in Waverly, Iowa, Waverly Health Center’s mission is to provide high-quality, patient-centered healthcare. Each employee serves as a caregiver and strives to embody the organizational values of compassion, enthusiasm, excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. WHC’s inpatient satisfaction scores rank in the top 25% of hospitals nationwide. 

Although WHC’s healthcare quality has always been pristine, care delivery once suffered from legacy IT that did little more than work. WHC partnered with ICE to develop a healthcare IT environment that empowers users and helps it reach its financial and operational goals.


A Radical IT Shift Drives Business Results

After reaching out to ICE, Waverly made a radical change to its hospital IT environment, benefiting from: 

By leaning on ICE for healthcare IT strategy, governance, design, selection and implementation, Waverly built a foundation for success, both within and outside of the scope of IT. Today, Waverly’s IT is associated with high performance and operational excellence, and leveraged as a strategic asset instead of treated like a requirement.
The contract management service from ICE Technologies was by far the most cost-beneficial for us. It basically paid for everything else that was done throughout the rest of the software selection project.
Lisa Bennett CFO | Waverly Health Center