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When Ringgold County Hospital (RCH) decided its IT could deliver better value for clinicians and patients alike, a need for change became clear. RCH has worked with ICE Technologies over the last 12 years to implement IT strategy and technology that delivers improved patient care and business results. In 2014, only four months after moving to an IT outsource strategic partnership, IT operations improved and physician confidence increased.

  1. point-1 4 months from initial IT outsource partnership to results
  2. point-2 Higher physician and user satisfaction
  3. point-3 Successful long-term partnership formed

A Plan Comes Together

Ringgold County Hospital is a 16-bed critical access hospital located in Mt. Ayr, Iowa. Over the years, the hospital’s services expanded beyond inpatient care. RCH now provides same-day and outpatient surgeries, infusion therapy, cardiac rehab, sleep studies and physical rehab, as well as operates the Ringgold County ambulance service and Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic.

As RCH’s patient care delivery expanded, so did its need for a high-quality, sustainable IT environment. RCH’s physicians have long provided excellent care. But as its operations grew, IT needed to grow, too. Ready to make a change, RCH set out to find a strategic IT partner and create an environment that empowered clinicians, improved patient care delivery and achieved key operational goals.


A Partnership Forms

Searching for an IT leader with community hospital experience, RCH called on ICE for strategic counsel and project implementation across several IT disciplines. ICE’s expertise, technical capabilities and practical mindset made it the rational choice to help RCH achieve its strategic goals. ICE’s McKesson Paragon and Greenway application experience also proved critical when developing RCH’s IT environment.
ICE’s initial projects delivered rapid results, helping RCH create a more usable, effective IT environment in only four months. Initial success laid the groundwork for a fruitful, long-term partnership. Since 2002, ICE has helped RCH improve its IT by:
  • Optimizing applications and infrastructure
  • Providing ongoing assessment and optimization services
  • Creating a network design for a new hospital facility
Today, RCH continues to receive industry-leading knowledge, leadership and services on a strategically sound budget.

Goals Are Reached

By working with ICE on its IT strategy, operations and optimization, RCH:

  • Implemented IT that meets key patient care and business objectives
  • Increased clinician satisfaction by implementing practical, physician-ready systems and an IT infrastructure that meets demands
  • Reduced operational challenges by continually streamlining and optimizing systems and processes
Now, RCH’s IT systems and processes deliver high value for clinicians and patients, improving satisfaction on the floor and helping the hospital meet its operational goals.
RCH is committed to developing and maintaining IT systems that will meet the challenges addressed in the Affordable Care Act and meet the requirements of the Health Information Exchanges. A closer partnership with ICE Technologies has provided the expertise and resources to meet the demands in the rapidly growing area of healthcare IT.
Gordon Winkler CEO | Ringgold County Hospital

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