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Desiring a improved reliability for their enterprise HCIS solution and looking to streamline upgrades and maintenance, North Sunflower Medical Center decided it was time to consult the small and mid-size healthcare IT experts. Facing a mandatory hardware replacement, North Sunflower Medical Center reduced their costs and risks by working with ICE Technologies. 


  1. point-1 Improved analytics and data automation
  2. point-2 Smooth application upgrades
  3. point-3 Secured grant funding and incentives

Setting Out Toward Success

North Sunflower Medical Center, located in Ruleville, Mississippi, strives to be the rural healthcare hub of the Mississippi Delta. North Sunflower Medical Center is the provider of choice for several clinical services and a recognized leader in providing high-quality healthcare. Offering exceptional patient-centered care utilizing current clinical best practices, the hospital is a vibrant community healthcare organization focused on improving access to primary and specialty care. 

Setting out to improve system reliability, uptime and access to important data in a compliant fashion, North Sunflower Medical Center has engaged ICE Technologies.


Optimizing Systems To Increase Uptime & Provide Better Intelligence

Working with ICE, North Sunflower Medical Center has improved reliability, uptime and access to data by utilizing the following ICE services:

North Sunflower is now experiencing the following benefits:

  • EHR upgrades are performed in less time and more reliably, improving the end-user experience 
  • Simplified desktop management allowing local IT staff to focus less on patching and more on projects
  • Improved reporting, including taking a highly complex and labor intense state report from multiple manual steps down to a few simple clicks.
ICE’s services helped North Sunflower Medical Center meet its objectives and approach its reporting and compliance activities with confidence, knowing information is formatted and errors are spotted.
I’ve been doing business with ICE for about four years. Everyone that I have worked with has been very professional and extremely helpful. My last experience with ICE was when I had to call them in to complete a task another vendor let drop off the radar. I had waited weeks to hear back and was quickly approaching my deadline. I called Phil just three days before my SQL report was to be delivered. ICE solved all the issues related to my state reporting issue — with a day to spare. ICE sees us as an important part of its overall business segment: more than other national vendors would.
Roger Goss CIO, Project Manager | North Sunflower Medical Center

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