Connally Memorial Medical Center

Meets Goals And Improves User Engagement


FLORESVILLE, TX: With Phase 2 Meaningful Use deadlines approaching, nearly $2 million in incentives were on the line for Connally Memorial Medical Center (Connally). Seeking to complete IT projects quicker and meet deadlines, Connally partnered with ICE Technologies to develop a robust IT strategy, guarantee successful plan implementation, qualify for Phase 2 Meaningful Use incentives and improve clinician satisfaction.

  1. point-1 $2 million in Meaningful Use incentives secured
  2. point-2 Increased clinician satisfaction and significant growth in physician usage
  3. point-3  Eliminated network instability
  4. point-4 Improved help desk response times and  IT customer service

Aligning Technology To Objectives

Connally is a rapidly growing, independent, rural 44-bed hospital that also operates primary care and specialist physician clinics, a Home Health Division and an Urgent Care facility. While Connally is located in Floresville, other vibrant communities in the region also rely on CMMC for superior healthcare. Their central location and top-line facility is vital to Wilson County for emergency and primary care, and their specialist physicians create a “first line” facility for patients from afar.

Recently recognized as one of the 2015 Becker’s Hospital Review “150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare”, Connally is growing at an unprecedented pace. The hospital needed an IT environment that could accommodate its rapid growth and vision. With a Meaningful Use incentive deadline rapidly approaching, Connally reached out to ICE Technologies for support.


Putting A Plan In Action

Connally turned to ICE for its strategic IT leadership services. ICE developed a roadmap to help Connally:

    • Create an effective IT environment aligned to business goals
    • Implement necessary technologies and processes
    • Determine a suitable IT budget
    • Make infrastructure run smoother

To accomplish this, ICE worked with Connally daily, managing application and technical configuration, monitoring user behavior and helping to ensure all IT operations aligned to its financial and operational goals. Connally took advantage of the full depth and breadth of ICE's services, implementing a Healthcare Grade Network and benefiting from ICE’s AlwaysOn™ Managed Services. ICE also optimized Connally’s MEDITECH applications.


Reaping Rewards

Under ICE’s IT leadership, Connally has experienced:

  • $2 million in incentives after satisfying Meaningful Use requirements
  • Increased clinician adoption following more streamlined, user-friendly technology
  • Projects fully completed on time and on budget as a result of ICE’s community hospital project management services
  • Significant system performance gains, especially in customer service

Today, Connally has access to diverse skillsets and proven methods through ICE, all focused on continually improving its operations. With a dedicated team of experts and entirely new infrastructure, Connally is using its IT to meet operational goals, drive revenue growth and improve staff satisfaction.

One testament to Connally’s improved IT environment: the hospital’s quarterly Employee Open Forums. In past quarters, many employee complaints about IT issues existed. Since working with ICE Technologies, there has been zero IT complaints raised at these forums, with employees noting marked improvement in their daily IT experience.

In assessing the future complexities in healthcare IT, we partnered with ICE Technologies to help our organization stay on the forefront of technological innovation and maximize our current IT value.
Brian Burnside CEO, FACHE | Connally Memorial Medical Center

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