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IT is a double-edged sword. Plan your IT the right way and you’ll reach your financial and operational goals. Plan your IT the wrong way and it harms your operations, frustrating your staff, impacting patient care and slicing your razor-thin margins even closer.

It’s time to stop guessing at what makes IT successful and design a technology roadmap that ensures you’ll achieve your goals. Our technology roadmap delivers:

  • Integrated technology that works so well it’s invisible
  • Seamless interdepartmental collaboration and IT plan visibility
  • Return on your tech investment worth bragging about

Every day, ICE Technologies partners with healthcare leaders to forge sustainable, cost-effective strategies. We help you hit your numbers in the board room, save staff time on the floor and improve your relationship with clinicians.

One of the smartest things we did when we decided to switch systems was to engage ICE Technologies. Our staff was a big part of this implementation and we did our preparation, but we had a narrow window when we decided to get this going to meet our attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICE played a very important role in keeping that timeline.

Chuck Schulz, CEO York, NE
Working with ICE in CIO outsourcing and IT leadership services has been positive. Their consultants commitment to service, knowledge of technology, and professionalism is very much appreciated by all at our health center. We are thankful for the business relationship we have with ICE to help serve our communities.
Robb Gardner, CEO Mount Pleasant, IA

Lean healthcare — in theory, it’s a straightforward concept. Solve problems across departments, help staff do their jobs and ensure quality, timely patient care. In practice, it’s more complex.

It’s a lot to handle on your own. Fortunately, ICE is your lean healthcare partner. Our lean consulting process includes:

  • cirlce-noteA ground-level assessment We talk to your users and study your daily operations to discover where inefficiencies exist, within and outside of your information technology.

  • icon-search-docA root cause analysis We define the human and technological systems (or lack of systems) interrupting patient care and hurting financials.

  • circle-graphA treatment plan We create actionable steps your provider organization can take to shred operational waste and deliver real operational and financial results, as well as patient value.

Whether you need help making patient discharge quicker, handling complex physician orders or guiding emergency patient flow, ICE has the lean healthcare expertise to eliminate costly obstacles.


Increasingly complex systems, infrastructure and regulations make it harder for small to mid-size healthcare organizations to ensure IT investments deliver their desired value.

ICE’s Assessment and Gap Analysis service determines where your staffing and governance, infrastructure, and HCIS utilization needs to be, and then presents clear, actionable advice on how to get there.

When it’s time to fill the gaps, our optimization and implementation advice is cost-effective and clinician-focused. We work with your current systems, only replacing when it’s absolutely necessary; when it is necessary, we recommend practical options that meet your needs, avoiding needlessly expensive options.

We Help You Select Just The Right Tools


You would never choose software for your HCIS based on one factor, like price. But are you considering every factor when talking to vendors? If you’re not careful, you might end up implementing software that just works, when you could have had software that delivers.

ICE’s Software Selection methodology helps you develop preliminary software selection objectives, strategies and EHR requirements. We help you make an informed software purchase decision by validating and prioritizing your software, hardware, infrastructure, organizational and technological requirements, as well as vendor viability.

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IT All Starts With The Right Leadership

ICE can also act as your CIO, guiding and overseeing your IT resources and operations. We provide executive IT visioning, strategy, leadership, education, best practice and planning for IT success. ICE has deep knowledge and understanding of the various vendors, technologies and staffing requirements in the small to mid-size healthcare setting.

Already have a CIO? We can provide perspective rooted in years of community hospital experience. Our experts come from diverse healthcare and IT backgrounds, so they can act as a non-biased sounding board for your IT leadership.

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