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Free Recorded Webinar:
Improve EHR Usability With Actionable Intelligence

Learn how the right strategy – and the right data – helps you trump usability challenges and increase clinician satisfaction

Since the implementation of the EHR at your small to mid-size healthcare organization, usability has probably been on your mind a lot.

According to a study from the American Medical Association and RAND Corporation, 43% of physicians claim that EHR hurts productivity and interferes with patient care. It gets worse: In a recent Black Book Market Research study, 92% of RNs expressed dissatisfaction with their EHR, with 85% noting a direct impact to nurse-patient communication.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

A strategic, analytical approach to EHR management reclaims lost time and makes usability possible. We want to show you how.

In ICE’s free webinar, Actionable Intelligence, you will learn how to:

  • Acquire EHR metrics and identify broken processes (and bad habits)
  • Improve EHR usability using hard data and a Plan, Do, Study, Act approach
  • Ask the right questions using Lead measures instead of Lag measures
  • Identify usability trends and proactively improve system use
  • Engage end users by creating a culture of excellence

Your EHR is hemorrhaging time: Now, it’s time to stop the bleeding. Learn how to gather and use actionable intelligence, create true usability and satisfy your clinician end users.


About The Speaker

Phil Stravers is a Partner at ICE Technologies and has been an advocate for community health care since 1995. Today, he still has no problem getting in his pickup at 4 a.m., driving out to a remote Nebraska town and talking to a group of people about how ICE “makes IT work better.” Phil loves organizing teams to achieve a common goal and helping people create a more positive future.