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Can you relate to this video?

If so, it might be time to try a different approach. Find out how simple and inexpensive it can be to give your IT operation its focus back.

Stop working on Interrupt

When your IT operation has its focus back, you also experience exceptional IT throughout your entire healthcare facility. 

  • End users will find consistent, courteous responses that don’t stop until the problem is solved and end users are crazy happy. 
  • Physicians will quit complaining about IT and they’ll feel so valued because the support is flexible, understanding, and ready to respond. 
  • Patient experience will improve when physicians are happier and finding IT as an aid in the care process, not a hindrance. 
  • IT staff will have the opportunity to do what they should be doing: moving important initiatives forward, learning the latest and greatest in health IT, and sleeping peacefully instead of waking up to 2am help desk calls.
Our Help Desk Service is so seamless, your end users will think you just hired a whole new team of specialists.

We get healthcare and know how to get answers from the vendors. 

How Do We Know You'll Love It?

"ICE Technologies is like an extension of our own IT department. Financially, there was no way we could recreate the experience and resources ICE brought to the table. Their response time, flexibility and knowledge was all that we expected and more."
Gary Smith, Manager CentraCare Health - Paynesville
"We talk in the industry about outsourcing our IT to ICE Technologies, but I would rather think of it as importing ICE into our hospital situation. They have become an extension of our staff, having them available through 24/7 helpdesk has been a great benefit."
Gordon Winkler, CEO Ringgold County Hospital

Get all the stuff below for a fraction of the cost of building your own!

  • ITIL™Based call handling and ticketing
  • Defined service level and response time standards
  • Live phone support 
  • Root cause identification standards
  • Healthcare savvy support
  • Monthly reporting that Administration will love

It's probably more affordable than you think.

Fill out these 3 questions and we'll have a quote to you in no time. 

How Much Will A Help Desk Cost Me?