Patient Care Never Stops

Your Systems & Support Shouldn’t Either

You Can’t Afford Downtime

Your organization provides great care on a lean budget. Even a few minutes of IT downtime can have serious financial and operational repercussions. As your community’s most critical healthcare provider, you need IT service and support that’s there for you at any time. 

That’s why we resolve technology issues before they cause downtime. ICE’s Managed Services provides around-the-clock system monitoring, maintenance, application hosting, secure data backup and support.

Our systems and support staff are always available and ready to talk to your end users or IT staff. When your physicians or nurses have a critical problem — whether it’s at noon or 3:24 a.m. — we’re here to help. 

ICE keeps your IT investments safe, secure and online.

Since contracting with ICE, our systems have been working smoothly and any issues that have arisen have been taken care of promptly, before major problems arise.
Jim Henkenius, CFO Lake City, IA

The Managed Services You Need, When You Need It

By entrusting your system maintenance to ICE, you benefit from:

  • circle-flag-lgSystem Monitoring & Maintenance
    • Server and network performance and security monitoring
    • Centralized documentation and reporting
    • HIPAA-compliant processes  
    • Proactive patch management
  • circle-lock-lgData Backup
    • Fully managed, automated backups
    • Backup support and monitoring
    • Real-time open file and database protection
    • Encrypted data transmissions from start to finish 

ICE believes the best defense against critical issues is a strategic, proactive approach to daily IT operations. Our managed services are designed with healthcare and best practices in mind to prevent operational and compliance-related issues.


Real-Time Physician & Nurse Tech Support

ICE Managed Services can include unlimited critical help desk support for your clinicians and staff. We’re standing by and ready to answer your front line’s technical questions when they need answers. Significant issues are addressed promptly and with a strategic, actionable plan. To resolve your issue, we’ll bring the full force of our knowledge to the table, tapping experts from an engineer to the CEO.

See How ICE Managed Services Helps Reduce Costly Downtime.



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