Strategic Technology Infrastructure Helps You Deliver Great Care

Is Your IT Infrastructure Supporting Your Goals?

Don’t Settle For Just A Network

Is your IT infrastructure delivering the value you were promised?

Your network is the backbone of your IT ecosystem, supporting every process. Whether you’re implementing new network components or optimizing existing ones, you need a vigilant eye and deep expertise to ensure every aspect of your systems is working toward your operational, financial and security goals.

If you need a little help, don’t worry. ICE is the healthcare network expert. We go beyond “purchase and pray” by designing a Healthcare Grade Network™ that is:

  • Resilient: Single points of failure are identified and mitigated.
  • Optimized: The network is segmented to logically divide services and traffic.
  • Secure: The network is safeguarded against internal or external threats.
  • Responsive: Data moves quickly from one area of the network to another.
  • Integrated: All of your network applications and services — including EHR, telemetry and phone systems — work together seamlessly.
  • Extensible: Your network is dynamic, able to upgrade rapidly and ensure uptime.

If your IT networking doesn’t deliver these qualities, it’s time to partner with ICE Technologies.


We've gone from being a traditional hospital to being more of a small rural health system that has clinics associated with our organization. As we look to the future, we don't have to reinvent the technology wheel. ICE Technologies has helped us build a system that can be replicated over and over.

Brian Burnside | CEO TX Healthcare Provider System

I turn to ICE for expertise on things like security, VDI, firewall, and network expertise so I can focus on managing our many projects and lead my team while getting the expertise for these things from folks who help hospitals like us every day with them.

Mandy Greve, IT Manager Alliance, NE

Value By Design

The Healthcare Grade Network™ by ICE Technologies is built on an ICE IT infrastructure roadmap that elevates the quality of your healthcare network and delivers real value. When working with healthcare providers, we:

  • point-1


    your existing IT infrastructure and identify gaps where full value and capability isn’t realized.

  • point-2


    a roadmap for improvement based on our small to mid-size healthcare expertise and knowledge of best practices, offering remediation assistance throughout the entire project.

  • point-3


    proactive management and monitoring services to keep your new infrastructure optimized.

By the end of the process, all of your IT systems are working in complete alignment on a strong, supportive infrastructure.

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Optimizing Your Infrastructure

Once we’ve developed the right design for your facility, we help you get the best prices and terms on any necessary equipment through our Technical Architect service.

Through our deep knowledge of national vendor offerings and established industry relationships, we’ll help you find technology that integrates with your systems and provides sustainable, long-term value. We’ll also help you see immediate value by helping you secure prices that fit your bid requirements.

Once we’ve helped you design your network and purchase the right technology, we help with implementation. Areas we can help with include (but are never limited to) desktop virtualization, data center infrastructure and security improvements.

When assessing your equipment and recommending improvements, we Optimize First, every time. If we can get the job done using what you already have, we will. Our no-nonsense approach to project management saves you money and ensures you’ll only replace equipment when the value justifies the cost.

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Your IT Infrastructure Partner

ICE Technologies understands the unique financial, operational and technical challenges small to mid-size healthcare providers face. Every day, we work to make information systems like yours more effective, robust and safe, delivering the value you deserve from your investments.

If you’re ready to get the most value possible from your infrastructure and networking, ICE is ready to help you.

Talk To A Healthcare Grade Network™ Expert About Your Infrastructure & Networking Needs.