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Redefining How IT Delivers Value

Typical IT Provider (n.) - A project-centric business partner that tries to fix a problem with only the products in their bag, often ignoring root cause. Typically recommends new, expensive software and infrastructure to appear knowledgeable and “cutting edge” with little regard for the most practical, common-sense solution. Doesn’t understand the challenges facing community hospitals; implements expensive and ineffective “solutions” accordingly. 

With limited resources and declining reimbursement, you need IT that helps remove patient care obstacles, identifies new market opportunities and reclaims healthier profit margins. 

Every healthcare IT provider knows HIPAA. Any company can research healthcare best practices. Only ICE designs and implements strategies and managed services that meet your goals and benefit everybody in your community hospital, from clinicians to technicians, and the C-suite to the front desk. Whether we’re implementing software, creating better analytics and reporting or managing your data center, we’re constantly finding areas to add value and align technology with your financial and operational goals. 

Said more simply: we get community healthcare IT.

We knew we needed to increase the IT support across our organization and because of our longstanding relationship with ICE Technologies, it was a simple decision for us to expand that partnership. Their past track record with Litzenberg has always been of the highest quality and service.
Julie Murray CEO | Litzenberg Memorial Hospital
ICE Technologies asked us to think outside of our box. They forced us to think about where we were going and what it was going to take to get there. We were so frustrated with our last vendor, but ICE helped us find a moment of clarity. They helped us see that the industry was bigger than any specific vendor.
Deb Herzberg CEO | Davis County Hospital

Building Clinician-Centric IT

ICE’s Clinician-Centric IT carries a deep focus on excellence in patient care at all points of any project. Our consulting and services don’t just fuel productivity and offer financial value. They create a more meaningful day-to-day experience for your clinicians and help them deliver your most precious commodity: patient care. 

We talk to your most important users and identify the problems, pains and inefficiencies they struggle with daily.
We reduce manual tasks and provide comprehensive support to give clinicians lost time back. 
We help return clinicians' focus to patient care.

Newer Isn’t Always Better

When making system or infrastructure upgrade or replacement recommendations, ICE has a very simple philosophy: Optimize First

Optimize First means we will never tell you to buy software, equipment or anything else unless we feel that it’s the best, most cost-effective option for your hospital. And if we can get the job done with the equipment you already have, we will. Every time. No exceptions. 

When we place new technology in your hospital’s ecosystem, we make sure it integrates flawlessly with every system and helps you avoid costly usability and downtime. We’ll never drop a “solution” in and expect it to work. We make sure your technology works in harmony and doesn’t cost you unexpected dollars. 

We advocate for our clients and make every decision as if it’s our own budget on the line. We understand the financial pressures you’re facing and are committed to reducing costs and helping you get more value from your current investments wherever possible.

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Embrace™ — Maximizing IT’s Value With Growing User Adoption

Let’s be honest: The biggest, most expensive approach to technology doesn’t help if users don’t embrace it. Even worse, when adoption suffers, departmental communications break down. Then your patients, clinicians and accountants feel it. Suddenly, there are a lot of eyes on you and many questions about why your technology didn’t work. While investments are often made in IT, not enough attention is given to user adoption, which is key to maximizing the value of your investments.

To stem the tide of subpar user adoption, ICE developed Embrace™, our unique approach to transform clinical workflow and optimize systems through user adoption.  

When we optimize or implement, we take the time to list every technology, procedure or policy-based barrier interrupting your users and negatively influencing adoption. We study user interactions with painstaking detail and profile behavioral patterns to figure out where people and technology are failing to connect. 

Any IT vendor can train staff to use a system. We go beyond training by identifying and removing obstacles in every area, for every user through improved IT governance structure. We make adoption desirable so you can watch it grow organically. 


Making Your IT Better, Together

Our managed services and world-class support is never limited by time and distance. Our AlwaysOn™ Managed Services provide you around-the-clock system security and performance monitoring, as well as timely updates. They also give your users and IT team access to ICE’s community healthcare expertise at any hour, any day of the year. 

Rest easy knowing your technology benefits from our watchful eye and expertise.

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You Spoke, We Listened — Now Let’s Make IT Work

Our unwavering commitment to clinicians, practicality, around-the-clock service and user adoption isn’t what we do. It’s how we do it. 

Every IT project we undertake delivers world-class results. Why? Because we’ve worked with hundreds of community hospitals to alleviate the operational, financial and collaborative pains that follow a one-size-fits-all approach to IT. 

Now we’re ready to help you. If you’re ready to walk away from the Typical IT Provider and see how ICE works, start a conversation with us. We’re listening. 

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