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Addressing Every Threat

In a perfect world, community hospitals would face no IT safety and security threats.

Unfortunately, in the real world, community hospitals need to address every threat and do it on a tight budget.

Successful hospital IT risk management doesn’t prioritize information security, compliance or disaster recovery. It addresses every area equally.

To ensure your patient care and protected data stays safe, you need to take a long, hard look at your technology, users and processes, and identify every potential threat before it becomes a reality. Does your community hospital have the time, budget and resources to ensure your information systems are compliant and protected?

ICE specializes in regulatory and risk management for community hospitals. Our experienced team carefully audits your information security measures, disaster recovery processes and HIPAA compliance management. We conduct annual risk assessments and offer deeper security audits to ensure you’re not just compliant, but truly safe. Once the threats to your facility are identified, we provide strategic, sensible and cost-effective fixes to ensure your hospital is safe and compliant.

By working with a knowledgeable hospital risk management partner, you can expect:

  • Uncompromising annual risk and regulatory assessment and consulting, on time and on budget.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your applications, infrastructure, policies and operations, including end user behavior and system protocols.

  • Actionable strategy outlining and prioritizing steps to rectify security and compliance issues.

"ICE Technologies’ Risk Assessment is like going to the doctor for preventive medical opinions and is a great solution to help us realize where our risks reside. It gives us peace of mind to have a plan in place and be aware of potential exposures."
Carrie Main, Director Health Information Systems Mt. Ayr, IA
"The Gulf Coast Regional Extension Service of The University of Texas was very impressed with the report we received from ICE Technologies on our network infrastructure. After they conducted their Meaningful Use and year two Security Risk Assessment on our network, they informed us that we were the first hospital in their region to receive a perfect score from the state on the Security Risk Assessment."
Mike Smith, Director Of Information Technology Hondo, TX

Information Security

Our information security process begins with an audit. We look at your hospital’s security profiles and application end user behavior to ensure industry best practices are met. We search for the physical, technical and administrative risks affecting your hospital and create a strategic, actionable checklist that gets you on the path to safety.

After the audit, we can:
  1. point-1CONDUCT ongoing penetration tests and vulnerability scans
  2. point-2PROVIDE risk-mitigation consulting
  3. point-3FUTURE-PROOF your network against internal and external threats



Ransomware, malware, cybersecurity oh my!

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Our disaster recovery approach is founded on years of community hospital experience and expertise. We’ve helped hospitals like yours identify key contingencies and take timely, cost-effective action to prepare for the unexpected.

Working with ICE, you’ll receive a comprehensive risk assessment, actionable guidance, recovery plan documentation, and extensive testing and training. Our detail-oriented approach considers every incident your community hospital might face: natural or man-made, intentional or accidental.

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Compliance Management

As your IT systems grow increasingly complex, staying compliant — from HIPAA to Meaningful Use and beyond — is tougher than ever. But to create truly excellent systems that ensure your community hospital meets its goals, you must make compliance an integrated, invisible component of your overall IT strategy.

ICE refines your technology and processes to eliminate compliance gaps and help you achieve true operational excellence. Our detailed security audit analyzes your operations and determines where you’re already meeting HIPAA, HITECH and other security regulations, as well as discovers where improvements are needed. We specialize in creating information dashboards that track key compliance indicators and developing tactics to help you qualify for Meaningful Use.

Learn More About Compliance Management With ICE


An Eye Toward The Future

Make sure you’re equipped to handle the threats facing your systems and information. Get up to speed on the risk landscape, then get in touch with a partner committed to your safety and success. Learn more about ICE’s regulatory and risk management services today.

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