Without User Adoption, Even The Best Technology Is Valueless

Get Users To Embrace Your Technology (Willingly)

Technology + Usability = Satisfaction

Today’s community hospitals have spent an unprecedented amount of time and money implementing new healthcare technology.

Tragically, once these technologies are implemented, users often complain about:

  • Time lost dealing with cumbersome inefficient systems
  • Confusion caused by poor unintuitive processes
  • Lack of value from expensive ineffective technologies

If your clinicians walked into your office (or board room) tomorrow and claimed your technology doesn’t benefit them, would you buy an expensive new system and cross your fingers, dooming yourself to deal with the same process issues all over again? Or would you develop an action plan that re­aligns your users, processes and technologies toward actual, tangible value?

In assessing the future complexities in healthcare IT, we partnered with ICE Technologies to help our organization stay on the forefront of technological innovation, and maximize our current IT value.
Brian Burnside CEO | Connally Memorial Medical Center

Since our EHR training, I have seen decrease in frustration for certain aspects of the EHR. Several providers are now increasing their efficiency during the discharge process in OB. After this program, the providers can now fully describe the areas of concern that they are calling about. They are also able to recognize when an issue is truly a system error, not user error.

Kara Stiles, Clinical Systems Analyst Pekin, IL

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Driving Adoption Success

ICE Technologies executes every healthcare IT project with end users in mind.
With our Embrace User Adoption program, we make your systems effective and usable, so you can:

  • clock-iconReturn time to hospital staff Efficient application design reduces data entry, information lookup and other time sinks degrading your end users’ experience.

  • lightbulbMake workflow intuitive Strategic interfaces and protocols streamline communications between diverse departments and users.

  • moneyDeliver maximum value Intuitive systems reduce productivity loss and mitigate patient care interruptions, creating a positive user environment.

When your physicians and other end users receive the value they seek, adoption soars.

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Investments, Meet Value

Successful adoption, whether it’s following EHR implementation or any other implementation project, is impossible without a strong strategy and detail-oriented approach.

When ICE works with your community hospital, we:

  • Assess every user role and integration pointIf one user grapples with system issues, the entire hospital ecosystem suffers. We ensure your systems are usable by everybody so nobody wastes time on workarounds.

  • Remove logistical obstacles impacting care We focus on every application and hardware layer detail, from order management to authentication, to find and rectify usability issues.

  • Monitor behavior and coach super users We monitor end-user behavior to identify potential usability issues before they bring workflow to a halt. Then, we help your key users proactively prepare for any challenges you might face post-project.

Don’t wait until staff is banging on your door to find a better way to work. Partner with ICE Technologies to improve usability and get more value from your technology investments.

Is Your Healthcare Technology Spurring Maximum User Adoption & Providing Value?

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