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Healthcare Technology Moves Fast

It’s never been more challenging to successfully upgrade and manage your community hospital IT systems. Application management is no exception.

As regulations and requirements grow increasingly complex, so do the applications that interact with them. Upgrades that used to take one person four hours now take two people eight hours. Unsurprisingly, more vendors than ever are putting upgrades in the hands of users, further complicating the issue for your staff.

Poorly executed upgrades cost you time, interrupt patient care delivery and decrease staff satisfaction. If your daily operations are suffering, it’s time to find a better way.

Just as many organizations are, our organization is looking toward the future and sees IT as a critical success factor. Partnering with ICE Technologies allows the integration of new technology at Connally Memorial Medical Center to continue to prosper.

Brian Burnside | CEO Floresville, TX


Smooth Upgrades, Lasting Benefits

ICE is committed to making your healthcare IT upgrade experience effortless and value-driven. Our Smooth Upgrade support service means your team won’t spend time struggling with bug-filled EHR updates. It also means we assess your systems and get you prepared for every update in advance, so there’s no surprises — or lost productivity.

With ICE as your Smooth Upgrade partner, you can expect:

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    A Proven Process

    We stay up-to-date on the most effective vendor solutions and constantly fine-tune our application upgrade processes. Your hospital’s systems are never the testing ground for new approaches.

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    Quality Scripts

    We’re constantly developing new routines and scripts to reduce downtime, improve error checking and identify potential productivity hurdles for your staff.

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    A Diverse, Experienced Staff

    You’ll work with a diverse team of healthcare IT experts specializing in applications consulting, database administration and systems administration services for community hospitals.

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    Rigorous Testing

    We work with your core team to develop a culture of accountability and provide validation strategies to ensure your team is on board before upgrades go live.

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    Wide Knowledge

    No upgrade works unless the entire IT environment is accounted for. We look at your hospital’s systems comprehensively. Then we arm you with best practice recommendations and standardized documentation.

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More Flexibility, Less Downtime

ICE is capable of providing application upgrade and maintenance services that meet your needs and fit your budget. We can service any system, whether your data center is hosted with us or at your healthcare facility. Our application consulting experts meet you where you are to form a plan of action, get your new systems up and running quicker, and keep downtime to a bare minimum.

When implementing upgrades, we adhere to our Optimize First philosophy. We help you accomplish your goals using the systems and software you already have. If replacements make sense, we recommend the smart, practical answer based solely on your hospital’s needs.

Today’s community hospital staff needs technology that helps them, not hinders them. If your system upgrades result in staff exasperation, work with ICE to alleviate their pain and return efficiency to every corner of your operation.

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