Poor Application Use Hurting Your Productivity?

Don’t Throw Out Your EHR: Optimize It

Our Application Management Philosophy In Two Words: Optimize First

With increasing financial pressures facing today’s community hospitals, it’s critical you make the right decision, not the trendy one. Don’t get caught in an endless cycle of elation (purchasing) and disappointment (implementing). Instead, empower your existing systems and infrastructure. Create effective, practical healthcare IT that aligns with your business goals. Our applications consulting process focuses on your business needs and finds the most efficient and effective way to meet them, avoiding the “rip and replace” approach in favor of tactics that maximize your dollar wherever possible. We only advocate replacements when it makes sense.

Every day, ICE works on behalf of our clients to enhance existing systems and fine-tune application use. Our broad experience with the vendors in this market gives us unique perspective and expertise to help our clients gain better results, regardless of the vendor. So, whether you are in an acute care setting using McKesson, MEDITECH, Cerner, Epic, Healthland or Evident; or if you are in the ambulatory setting using Allscripts, Greenway, Practice Partner, Athena, NextGen, or eClinicalWorks, we can help you get more from your investment.

We focus on the areas that matter most so you’re able to look at the bigger IT picture.

Our daily analyst services available include:

  • Application and interface troubleshooting
  • Super-user and end-user training
  • Release and upgrade assistance

Our monthly/periodic analyst services available include:

  • Clinical workflow optimization review
  • Point-of-care documentation review
  • Financial processes review
  • Proactive end user behavior monitoring

One of the smartest things we did when we decided to switch systems was to engage ICE Technologies. Our staff was a big part of this implementation and we did our preparation, but we had a narrow window when we decided to get this going to meet our attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICE has played a very important role in keeping that timeline.

Chuck Schulz | CEO York, NE

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Optimizing Your Healthcare Systems

ICE’s clinical and financial analysts work directly with end users to design an application management strategy that assists in everything from planning to implementation and upkeep. Our goal is to help you optimize product use from registration to point of care.

Our application consulting process makes your EHR more valuable. We remove logistical obstacles and create standardized workflows, helping your users work with your system more effectively.

Enhanced Authentication, Serious Benefits

Are your clinicians and staff logging into every application every time they use it? If so, they’re losing more time than you think: about 60 hours per year, per user.

That’s why ICE also offers HealthCast’s eXactACCESS®, an enterprise-wide, single sign-on system that makes your hospital’s IT faster and more user friendly. It ensures your clinicians only log on once to access all their applications, and provides:

  • icon-id

    Rapid, secure authentication at the tap of a badge

  • icon-checklist

    A logical approach to nursing & physician workflows

  • circle-digital-secure

    Stronger HIPAA compliance measures

Hospitals leveraging eXactACCESS® reclaim lost productivity, increase staff satisfaction, and see significant revenue and profit gains. The system provides immediate value and scales to your hospital’s needs, offering more complex, advanced features when appropriate. You’ll never overspend on a system that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Don’t settle for sub-optimal applications that leave your staff dissatisfied. Let ICE show you the difference a strategic approach to application optimization makes.

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