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78 Minutes A Day

That’s the average time clinicians lose due to inefficient electronic health record use. Here’s a sobering thought: Your staff is probably no exception. Chances are your doctors and nurses are fighting an uphill battle against poorly-designed systems that lack usability.

To stay productive and satisfied, your staff needs an intuitive, effective approach to EHR that reduces the time clinicians spend with documentation and makes patient care their top priority again. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Our 5S/Visual Management Respiratory Therapy improvement project was definitely worth it. 20 minutes of work to save a life.

Gina James | VP of Nursing Marshalltown, IA

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Our LeanEHRTM approach aligns every process and user toward maximum patient value. Our three-point methodology includes:

  • point-1

    EHR Assessment

    We identify wasted seconds, minutes and hours in your current EHR processes and conduct a risk/impact analysis to prioritize necessary changes.

  • point-2

    Lean Infrastructure Development

    Our application consultants, technical specialists and Lean Coach work with your leadership to develop standardized work built around best practices. We re-train users to follow established best practices in their daily work and provide a Physician Advocate resource to promote physician engagement.

  • point-3


    We work with your current resources to track your EHR’s success, monitoring user adoption and offering ongoing optimization support.

Our three-point approach to optimizing your EHR keeps your clinicians happy, your staff productive and your financials strong.

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By implementing and continually optimizing with patient value in mind, we create an EHR environment that keeps your clinicians happy, staff productive and financials strong. We remove care barriers and ensure vital operations proceed uninterrupted. And if you’re migrating to a new EHR, we provide the right standardized content and workflows to ease your transition and minimize disruption.

If you’re tired of dealing with lost patient time and wasted clinician potential, contact an ICE expert today.

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