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Community Hospitals Need Comprehensive, Uncomplicated IT

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It’s time to say goodbye to “one-size-fits-all” hospital IT and hello to intelligent IT tailored to your hospital’s specific needs.

By working with our community healthcare IT consultants, you’ll be able to:

  • bullet-point-orangeDiagnose inefficiencies and gaps
    in your community hospital’s systems and processes, including stumbling blocks impacting physicians and nurses.
  • bullet-point-orangeLeverage current technology investments
    by developing fully utilized, high-ROI applications and infrastructure that improve clinician satisfaction.
  • bullet-point-orangeMeet financial and operational goals
    by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and ROI metrics pre- and post-project.
  • bullet-point-orangeCreate practical, cost-effective remedies
    that standardize workflow, incorporate best practices and improve staff satisfaction.
  • bullet-point-orangeEnsure compliance and disaster readiness
    to mitigate potential internal and external risks affecting your hospital.
  • bullet-point-orangeReduce operational expenses
    from broken IT, reduced productivity and suboptimal charge capture.


Value-Based Reimbursement: Preparing For The Paradigm Shift

Learn About The Different Models and Receive
Actionable Steps For Your Organization To Prepare

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Good Technology Does It All — Invisibly

ICE Technologies is the nation’s best healthcare IT outsourcing partner. For over 25 years, we’ve partnered with hospitals like yours to provide quality consulting, outsourcing and managed services.

We believe that great healthcare technology is invisible, integrating with every person and process organically; sustainable, designed to deliver value long after implementation; and practical, built using the right systems and infrastructure, not the newest or most expensive.

Our services include:

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Your Patient Care Partner

Ultimately, poor IT doesn’t just cause problems for your staff and leadership. Chronic difficulties impact the patient care you provide. ICE helps community hospitals maintain a positive environment for patients, free of needless interruptions and complications.

It’s time to work with a healthcare IT services partner that delivers operational and financial results, and is committed to your success long after the dotted line is signed. It’s time to talk to ICE.

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With project management through ICE, we knew exactly what to do next and anxiety was taken out. Because the ICE staff has worked in the healthcare field and live usage of [our] system, they understood why we wanted [our] system built the way we wanted. [They provided] more than just a person who installs the software and tells us how to use it ‘their way.'

Bob McQuistan | CFO York General Health Care Services

The knowledge ICE has about multiple vendors, what works and what doesn’t work, strengths, weaknesses, and costs [is] invaluable. ICE build[s] the system for you by using templates, inputting best practices and then teaching you how to customize later. It’s perfect. I’m not a carpenter. I don’t want to build the system: it’s a tool. I just want the tool to do my job well.

Dr. Larry Leaming | CEO Roosevelt General Hospital