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ICE will work with you to design a package based on your business need. The following are some of the services that can be delivered individually or bundled together. 

•   ICE offers a US based, 24x7 helpdesk that can provide Tier 1 support with escalation to your internal team or can be the complete Tier 1-3 solution.
CIO/Strategic Advisory
•   ICE can help your organization align technology with your business goals.
Project Management
•   If you have a complex project or rollout, ICE can bring experienced Project Managers to help lead you to a successful outcome.
Cloud/IaaS/Application Hosting
•   ICE can host your systems in our secure datacenter eliminating the need to buy servers and maintain datacenter space yourself.
Managed Services
•   Ranging from patch and asset management, security monitoring and threat protection to managed backup and recovery, ICE has a suite of remotely delivered managed services to free up your internal team to focus on other priorities.

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