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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

The Importance Of A Patient-Centered IT Department

In the world of Healthcare IT, there are those who excel and those who struggle.  Struggling or not, it would seem that very few IT Departments can boast that they are “Patient Centered.” Being “Patient Centered” means looking out for the best interest of the patient and knowing the IT Department’s direct impact on patient care. Think about this statement for a minute:

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How Two Hospitals Found $1.9M In IT Savings through IT shared Services

In the Advisory Board’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey, 183 c-suite executives rated 26 issues. Coming in at number two in that list was “Innovative Approaches To Expense Reduction.” That leads me to believe that there is an appetite for new opportunities to reduce costs and there is a growing recognition of where these opportunities may lie. It’s getting harder to improve margins through the usual cutting of FTEs or participating in buying groups, so the next big wave of expense reduction will have to come from new approaches.

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How IT Managed Services Save Time and Money

“Time equals money”

“Time equals money” is a phrase that business owners, entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders, and for the purposes of this blog, IT managers, can agree is true. Anyone who is in a position where they have to be a jack-of-all-trades finds himself or herself spending their days wearing many different hats. This is the nature of the IT department within a healthcare organization, and while expected, it isn’t always the best use of time and money to have generalists handling all aspects of IT. 

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Security Concerns Making You WannaCry?

For some reason the latest strain of Malware, named WannaCry (See this link to the Sophos web site for helpful information) has really caught the attention of national news media even though it is hardly the first of its kind. It is a unique strain, but it seems like they usually are these days. Possibly, the news was a bit slow over the weekend or possibly, the world is finally waking up to the fact that these security exploits can cause significant harm and financial loss.

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What Is A Magical End User Experience Worth?

What If Disney Ran Your Healthcare IT?

We recently published a pre-recorded webinar titled “What If Disney Ran Your IT?”.  In that webinar, we explore what creating a magical end user experience is worth. Using Disney as an example, we begin to unpack and explore how a focus on end user experience can drive positive results for your IT. If you are struggling to see the results from IT that you want for your organization or are frustrated with poor performing systems and ever rising costs, I think you will find these 50 minutes to be worth your time. Here are some examples of the “Disney-like” concepts that we unpack in this webinar:

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Why I partnered with ICE Technologies to better IT in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

I've spent most of my working career in this healthcare niche we call ASCs - Ambulatory Surgery Centers for those not in the space. I got my start in the mid-90s working for a physician who co-owned and managed a handful of surgery centers in Oklahoma and Texas. It was here that I first started to develop a passion for technology and more importantly, an understanding of what "IT" could do to help run a healthcare business. I became the go-to-guy (ummm....kid at age 22) that knew how to fix someone's computer, work a spreadsheet and build a website. During this time, I learned a lot about healthcare and the ASC business too. I learned the basics of physician partnerships, managed care, patient care, revenue cycle, finance and accounting, human resource management, etc.

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HIMSS17 Notes: CMS – MACRA, and Open API’s

I’ll be wrapping up our HIMSS17 knowledge sharing series with some of my notes from the largest health IT conference in the world (yep, it brought in over 40,000 people!), which was at the end of February. Our ICE team went to soak in the education on behalf of many of our small to mid-sized healthcare customers who can’t attend themselves. Please reach out if you’d like more information on anything and I’d be happy to expand further!

I felt the hot topics at HIMSS17 were Cyber Security, Machine Learning and analytics, Cloud computing, and Interoperability. Below, though, are a few of my session notes on the topics of CMS-MACRA and on Open API’s.

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Healthcare IT Help Desk: Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Can you relate to this video? If so, it might be time to try a different approach. Find out how simple and inexpensive it can be to give your IT operation its focus back.

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From HIMSS17: Cybersecurity and Engaging Healthcare Leadership

Before the week of HIMSS17 sessions began, I attended the Cybersecurity Symposium. Here are a few of my main takeaways from this symposium:

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Seeing Results From Innovation In Healthcare IT

There’s always something changing in healthcare, something always on the horizon. But how do you know your team is ready for innovation? For a while, Value-Based payment models were something “on the horizon” in healthcare and something futuristic to be thinking about, but now healthcare facilities are seeing results from the models they’re implementing.

Payers are seeing real results through alternate payment programs.

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