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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

Phil Stravers | Partner, V.P. Strategy & Development

Phil Stravers | Partner, V.P. Strategy & Development
Phil Stravers, Partner and EVP of Strategy & Market Development at ICE Technologies, Inc. has been in consulting and management roles within the information technology industry for over 25 years and has spent more than 20 years helping hospitals and clinics “make IT work better”. Phil has had the opportunity to act as an Interim CIO for numerous hospitals which gives him a unique perspective on their challenges and associated solutions. Phil really enjoys sharing lessons learned and frequently presents at various hospital associations, HIMSS events and healthcare board rooms all over the country. In addition to his passion for improving Health IT, he loves baseball (die hard Cubs fan) and has spent more than 15 years coaching young baseball players. Phil lives in Pella, IA and often shares concepts learned from his background in coaching along with the Dutch farm culture and work ethic that his home town is known for.

Recent Posts

Iowa's New Telehealth Law - A Good Start

I came across this article today as I was exploring some details regarding recent legislation that was signed into law in Iowa.  https://www.healthcarelawtoday.com/2018/04/23/iowas-new-telehealth-law-what-you-need-to-know/

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Community Hospital Success Story in Ruleville, MS

Recently a customer of ours was recognized in a CNN article. This is a great story of an organization that has defied the odds by being strategic about how they "do healthcare" in small town / small county America. This industry speaks often about the need for innovation and when we hear those words our minds typically lean in a direction of some new whiz-bang treatment, technology or phone app. Upon reading this article though, you find that in Main Street America, innovation can and must take on different forms. We are proud to be associated with the bright minds at North Sunflower. This is a team that innovated its way out of despair but hasn't rested on the initial success. They continue to innovate their business model, their technology and their approach to customer service, including keeping the place completely spotless - and that's no cliche' - they really do.

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What is a happy doc worth & can Information Technology really make a difference in physician satisfaction?

I have been working with rural and community hospitals for more than 22 years and in that time, I have witnessed a mind-boggling amount of change. From the Balanced Budget Amendment to the advent of Critical Access and Certificate of Need to HIPAA to ARRA, HITECH and now MACRA and MIPS, the regulatory and reimbursement changes have come without mercy. At the same time, the impact of technology in both care delivery and care management has been nothing short of revolutionary. In the past 22 years however, the one constant that I have observed is that physician satisfaction is not only a pillar to the well-being of the community, it’s THE basis for continued financial stability at the local community hospital.

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Security Concerns Making You WannaCry?

For some reason the latest strain of Malware, named WannaCry (See this link to the Sophos web site for helpful information) has really caught the attention of national news media even though it is hardly the first of its kind. It is a unique strain, but it seems like they usually are these days. Possibly, the news was a bit slow over the weekend or possibly, the world is finally waking up to the fact that these security exploits can cause significant harm and financial loss.

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What Is A Magical End User Experience Worth?

What If Disney Ran Your Healthcare IT?

We recently published a pre-recorded webinar titled “What If Disney Ran Your IT?”.  In that webinar, we explore what creating a magical end user experience is worth. Using Disney as an example, we begin to unpack and explore how a focus on end user experience can drive positive results for your IT. If you are struggling to see the results from IT that you want for your organization or are frustrated with poor performing systems and ever rising costs, I think you will find these 50 minutes to be worth your time. Here are some examples of the “Disney-like” concepts that we unpack in this webinar:

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Health IT Datacenter Forecast = "Mostly Cloudy"

Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing some "Knowledge Sharing" from the ICE Technologies team who attended HIMSS17 (along with over 40,000 HIT folks!) in Orlando. We'll cover topics including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, interoperability, EHR utilization, and others. 

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Un-Complicating Healthcare IT: Expectations VS. Reality

ICE Technologies has been producing some videos to shine a bit of a spotlight on some of the pain and challenges that exist in healthcare today, specifically within the area of IT. This business is intense, so our goal with these videos is to be able to laugh a little, take a deep breath and have a little fun. We also want to make it clear that the complicated delivery of IT in healthcare can become un-complicated. Read More

How to Get Value Out of Your Healthcare Organization’s IT This Year

There have been some great technological innovations in healthcare over the past few years with the main purpose of improving patient care. Today, it seems as if healthcare organizations are shelling out the big bucks on technology that appears to “work” but the main purpose of adding patient or clinical value is lost.

In a rush to stay compliant with recent Meaningful Use updates and other requirements, healthcare providers are fast-tracking technology implementation which, by doing so, can cause workflow complications, care interruptions and financial burdens later on.

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3 Simple Health IT Strategies for CEOs: #3 Modernize Your IT Operation

Last but not least, here is our third simple health IT strategy for CEO’s in 2017. The first strategy was “Implement Security As A Service,” and the second strategy was, “Create your enterprise healthcare IT data sharing plan by conducting an Interoperability Assessment.”

3. Modernize your health IT operation

When was the last time that you seriously considered your overall approach to IT? I’m not talking about which EHR you use but rather, your operating approach for IT. There is a ton of potential to optimize and create efficiencies while improving end user satisfaction and on-time project completion, but you can’t keep doing things the same way you always have. It isn’t enough just to hold the line on costs by telling your staff to do more with less; you have to consider alternative methods. It is time to take a deep dive into analyzing things like:

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