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Un-complicating Healthcare IT

A Blog on Blogging for ICE

Nov 24, 2010 7:10:12 PM Posted by ICE Technologies, Inc.

As I think about what ICE’s role in blogging should be, it is really a pretty simple concept. At ICE our main focus has been and continues to be “to enable community healthcare providers to improve lives by tailoring practical IT solutions”.

Essentially, what this translates into for us on a daily basis is taking this complex web of health IT concepts, acronyms, technologies, tools and strategies and making it, well, less complex. Not only that, we find ourselves in a unique position in the industry where we are the lone advocate for community and rural hospitals among health IT consultants, vendors and VARs. What I mean is that we understand the unique constraints of the community health care provider and for 20 years have been taking all of the garbage the industry has been throwing at them and molding and shaping that garbage into something that is right-sized, practical AND produces results. We make sense of the nonsense. We debunk the myths and vet out the promises.

So, our goal for this blog is to provide pointed topics, insights and nuggets of information that channel the “industry buzz” in a way that it makes sense to the community health care provider, whether you are the CEO, CFO, CNO or IT Director. I hope you find it to be tool that becomes a regular source for relevant, practical and sensible information that you can apply to your organization.

Stay tuned!